Signal Hill Contest Station it is an amateur radio station built by YV1YL and YV1KK, mainly designed for operating in contests on HF. This site is a description of our modest station , this is not a Big Gun station, little by little step by step we tried to build this small station building our own antennas that has provided us an abundants opportunities to enjoy Amateur Radio especially in contest operations, learning about station building and contest operating has been fun for us. There are so many challenges to be addressed in building a station that will provide the capabilities you desire for maximizing your score and more the most important part your enjoyment. The Signal Hill Contest station is a project that was born in 2014 when we start looking for a decent place with a good geographic position that would allow us to compete in the largest amateur radio contests worldwide trying to put Venezuela in many bands and modes as possible make the biggest effort in the bands in which it is not very common to find Venezuelan stations in the air like a LOW Bands.